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Spring Meeting



A Workshop and Tour


The Spring Meeting consisted of a workshop on April 4th followed by a field tour on April 5th.

Click here for the meeting information packet containing agendas, speaker profiles, one abstract, suggested references and informative descriptions of the rangeland soil landscapes in Yolo and Solano counties.

The April 4th workshop consisted of seven indoor presentations on various rangeland soil health topics and two outdoor presentations at soil pits located on the Rush Ranch. You can find each indoor presentation below, plus a written response to one of the presentations.


Leonard Jolley, Historical perspectives on rangeland soil science and conservation practices (PDF, 3.6 mb)

William Horwath, Soil properties and potential for change through management (PDF, 3 mb)

Susan Edinger Marshall, How rangeland soil characteristics affect our ability to change soil health properties (PDF, 1mb)

Toby O’Geen, Diagnosing soil health in California’s annual rangelands: Issues of scale (PDF, 5.5 mb)

Randy Dahlgren, Dynamic processes in California rangelands: Water nutrients and biology (PDF, 5.7 mb)

Pelayo Alvarez, Carbon sequestration in agro-ecological systems (PDF, 5 mb)

Leslie Roche, Grazing management for healthy soils (PDF, 5 mb)

Joel Brown, The rangeland management and soil health connection (PDF, 4 mb)

Jeffrey Creque, Response to Dr. Joel Brown’s critique of Ryals et al. 2015 (PDF, 144 kb)








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