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2021 Range Manager of the Year Royce Larson


Chuck Pritchard

Royce Larson


Dr. Royce Larsen, UC Cooperative Natural Resource and Watershed Advisor for San Luis Obispo County was awarded the 2021 California- Pacific Section Range Manager of the Year at the 17th annual California Rangeland Conservation Coalition Summit virtual meeting held in January. Royce was recognized for his collaborative extension education and research in the areas of rangeland water quality, rangeland assessment and monitoring and rangeland productivity. Royce has collaborated on several research projects that have been published including 1. assessment of the effectiveness of livestock distribution practices for protecting water quality, 2. development of ecological site descriptions on the Central Coast, and 3. determination of the impacts of grazing cattle on annual rangeland stream channels. In recent years Royce has collaborated with faculty at UC Davis to estimate rangeland forage production using remote sensing data from small Unmanned Aerial Systems (drones) and from satellites. This is one of the first successful efforts to remotely sense rangeland production in California. He has also collaborated with other researchers to estimate soil organic carbon stocks, model soil erosion potential across California’s annual rangelands and to control medusahead by mowing and grazing.

For more than 30 years he has advanced an exceptional program of extension education and public service that have been exemplary in gathering and evaluating scientific information and extending information to the range livestock industry and agencies locally and statewide.




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